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Process for Advisory Engagement
  • Understanding mgmt expectations and existing processes and management discretion;
  • Formulation of detailed scope of work and scheduling work;
  • Deciding the list of laws applicable on the Company
  • Drawing up time table
  • Reviewing progress at suitable intervals depending upon converges;
  • Observation of processes though discussions and walk-thrus;
  • Summarising shortcomings /identification of improvements;
  • Discussion with management regarding implementation steps; Reporting
  • Summarising potential issues and revisions required to existing systems and processes;
  • Issuance of our report / Presentation to Management.
  • Drafting SA report and sharing it with the Company officers (company secretary)
  • Corrective actions for the non compliance or inadequate compliance
  • Complete the SA within given time
Detailed scope of work for each phase;
  • Issues/suggestions summary and work progress reports;
  • Pre Drafting checklist on all applicable laws ;
  • Request for details of various corporate actions/ events subject to the audit and Management representation letters;
  • Issuance of quarterly report at the end of each quarter;
  • Issuance of Annual certificate at the end of each year
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